Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Few Favorites... Fall Entertaining & Decor Edition

 Everything I pick to put in the Rebecca Mail box are items I love but a lot of things I am totally obsessed with are too big or too expensive to squeeze into the box so I figured I would share a few of my current favorites for fall entertaining & decorating...

1. Bar Carts... 

I snagged these pictures from Pinterest of just a few of the dozens I love on there... 
I know these were a HUGE summer trend but I think fall and winter holiday entertaining screams for a bar cart! Even though we do not drink much and I entertain rarely these days something about a bar cart harkens back to the days when men wore fedoras and people "went visiting". 

I have to admit these carts feel like the perfect mix of Lorelai Gilmore's fun funky esthetic and Emily Gilmore's class... (Who else can't wait for the NEW episodes??)

Alas I can not have a bar cart right now... Let's face it, these are not exactly 3 year old friendly but the are still firmly on my favorites list. 

2. Tassel Garlands

These are not just a party supply... They are too cute to limit them! I love the fun festive feel these bring to any decor. I currently have one hanging in my office but I love them so much I have plans to add more to the decor... I guess like the bar cart it makes everything feel festive and is a fun way to add a splash of color to your decor that is easily changeable.  

3. Fall Plates

I have a plate rack in my kitchen I like to change out seasonally and the ones that I had for fall took a tumble in the "off season" leaving me with a hole in my decor... I spotted these little beauties at Pottery Barn  a few weeks ago and am totally in love with them. At about $50 they are a bit more then I typically spend so I will be checking my local Homegoods store but if these plates go on sale I might jump on it! 

4. Pillow Covers

So my poor long suffering hubs loves me but has had it up to his eyeballs with my throw pillow obsession. He doesn't mind the ones currently in use it's the bins and piles of "off season" ones that drive him nuts. A few years ago I discovered pillow covers and pillow peace has reigned ever since. The above pumpkin pillow covers are some I picked up a couple years ago and love adding to my fall decor. They are still available so you can snag a couple here.

5. Marble Cheese Boards

I am totally obsessed with these bad boys. I have seen them everywhere this fall and I am in love. I will get one but I am not sure which one yet. I do love this mix of wood and marble one available here but I have seen some at Target & Homegoods that are pretty fun too. When I do take the plunge I will try to remember to show you guys which one I chose.

What are your favorite decor trends this fall? Share in the comments as I do love to discover new things! 

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  1. Rebecca really has an eye for the whole home decor thing. Her favorites are all over the fall shelter mags. I even found something in the October box in House Beautiful! Girl's got talent! ( I know what's in the October Box. Pays to work for her!)