Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Love Fall...

My favorite month of the year is October... Not just because it's my birthday month either!

Photo - Allison Dorobis

October in Maine is especially great. Here is Lilly after school yesterday enjoying the warmish weather in our front yard. But let's face it, fall in general is pretty amazing! 

I know everyone loves fall... But there is good reason... 
Here is a spoiler of one of the cards from the upcoming Rebecca Snail Mail box that sums it up nicely.

Photo - Lily & Val 

Whether you are a pumpkin spice person or an apple cider person... There is nothing more inviting than front porches covered in bright flowering mums & pumpkins, cozy sweaters & scarves or big bowls of homemade soup after a hayride.   All of these equal one thing for me... Fall is the best!

What is your favorite fall tradition? 

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